Sign-up for the bundled pack to earn money

Select the Tobacco plan and the POS hardware to place your order.We will send you a PayPal invoice for payment.Once the payment is done, we will configure your POS hardware and ship it to your confirmed address.


Powering up the POS

As soon as you receive your hardware, our support associate will jump on a call to help you in connecting all the peripherals. Power up the system and connect it to your internet (via a wired or a wifi connection). Use your login credentials to login to the system to complete your store setup on POS.


Register for Scan Data Programs

Our support associate will assist you in registering for scan data programs. We will prepare the sample data files and upload to complete the validation process. This process can take couple of weeks to couple of months by Tobacco companies to verify and approve the registration.


Receive your rebate check

Brisk POS will automatically prepare the scan data, calculate the rebate amount and submit the data to Tobacco companies to verify and process you rebate payment. Monthly rebate amount shall be stored within your POS so that you can tally the rebate amount received from the Tobacco companies. If there is any discrepancy, we will work your suppliers to resolve the difference.