Yes, you can manage multiple stores with single installation but each store will be charged as a separate POS.

Most likely, your existing bacode scanner, receipt printer and magnetic card reader will work with our solution. Please do share the brand and model # when you place an order.

Products quantity will automatically decreased upon sale and increased on adding purchase. You even can edit the product to change the quantity.

Once you add the product to order list, the item color will be red if you don't have quantity for the product. However, BriskPOS allows you sale items even if you don't have quantity and will set the quantity to negative.

Inclusive tax method means that tax is already included in the price. Exclusive tax method means that tax is not included in the price and should be calculated/added separately.

For example:

Product Price 100 and Tax 10%

Inclusive tax method: Price 90.91 and Tax amount: 9.09 = 100 (total price with tax)

Exclusive tax method: Price 100 and Tax amount: 10 = 110 (total price with tax)

Product level discount will be applied on the product price before any tax calculation.

i.e, Product Price - Product Discount + Product Tax (product tax calculated on Product Price - Product Discount)

Order level discount will be applied on the order total (total + product price) before any order tax calculation.

i.e, Order Total - Order Discount + Order Tax (order tax calculated on Order Total - Order Discount)

You can click the monitor icon (Customer Display) in topbar at pos screen and then display it to your 2nd monitor. Here is the guide to setup dual display.

  • Setting Up Dual Monitors on Windows
  • Set up Dual monitors on Windows laptop
  • Set up Dual Displays on Mac
  • Connect Multiple Monitors to MacBook Pro / Air

Account and Users

These are the account type

  • Admin
  • Sales Staff

Please visit list user and edit the user to reset the password.

If you want to delete account for staff member, please visit list users sub menu under people main menu. All the account are listed on this page and you can delete any of them.


Only Stripe payment gateway is available for processing credit cards in their supported countries. You can check

API calls to server could take few seconds as the payment is processed after submit.

Yes, we will be exploring the new gateways.


We have tested the update V4 with Bixolon SRP-350II (USB) and Xprinter XP-Q200II (LAN Interface).


Interfaces and operating systems

The package used is known to work with the following OS/interface combinations:

List of Printers

Many thermal receipt printers support ESC/POS to some degree. This driver has been known to work with:

  • AURES ODP-333
  • AURES ODP-500
  • Bixolon SRP-350III
  • Citizen CBM1000-II
  • Daruma DR800
  • EPOS TEP 220M
  • Epson TM-T88III
  • Epson TM-T88IV
  • Epson TM-T88V
  • Epson TM-T70
  • Epson TM-T82II
  • Epson TM-T20
  • Epson TM-T70II
  • Epson TM-U220
  • Epson FX-890 (requires feedForm() to release paper).
  • Excelvan HOP-E58
  • Excelvan HOP-E200
  • Excelvan HOP-E801
  • Excelvan ZJ-8220
  • Gainscha GP-5890x (Also marketed as EC Line 5890x)
  • Gainscha GP-U80300I (Also marketed as gprinter GP-U80300I)
  • gprinter GP-U80160I
  • Hasar HTP 250
  • Metapace T-1
  • Okipos 80 Plus III
  • P-822D
  • P85A-401 (make unknown)
  • Rongta RP326US
  • Rongta RP58-U
  • SEYPOS PRP-300 (Also marketed as TYSSO PRP-300)
  • Silicon SP-201 / RP80USE
  • Star TSP100 ECO
  • Star TSP-650
  • Star TUP-592
  • Xprinter F-900
  • Xprinter XP-Q800
  • Venus V248T
  • Zjiang NT-58H
  • Zjiang ZJ-5870
  • Zjiang ZJ-5890T (Marketed as POS 5890T)
  • Zjiang ZJ-5890K
  • Only ESC/POS compatible printers are supported.

Any of the barcode scanners/readers will work fine with v4 as long as it can read accurately.

Most of the Magnetic Card Readers will work fine. We have tested this with Uniform MSR213 Magnetic Stripe Card Reader (USB - 3 Track Reader).

For tablet/mobile card readers: No such feature and recommendation yet.

You should buy the cash drawers that can be connected to pos printer. To use cash drawers, you printer should have the port to connect cash drawer as Bixolon SRP350II and Xprinter XP-Q200II.

For Browser Print, you might need to set your printer to open cash drawer before printing.

For Localhost/PHP POS Print Server, It will be fine as cash drawer will be opened with printing and can be opened without printing.

In the top bar there is monitor icon (Customer Display) to open customer display window. You need to have dual display setup to show the window to customer. To setup the dual display, please check the FAQ "How can I setup customer display in POS?".

Only Dual Display, No Digital Customer Display is Supported.

Any desktop laser print will work fine for barcode printing. The label print should work with label printer but the design is very simple and we will not offer any support to customize this. You can customize as you like or hire developer.


  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Products with taxes
  • Barcode and Label Printing page
  • Hold bills option and save it in open bills
  • Discounts
  • Edit Product Price, Quantity, Sale tax and discount from POS
  • Check today‚Äôs sales and load any open bill without leaving POS Screen
  • Print or Email receipts
  • Barcode scanner/reader compatible
  • Settings
    • Enable/Disable On-Screen Keyboard
    • Date Format (Select any from 6 available)
    • Set Product Display for POS (By Name, By Photo or By Both)
    • Set defaults tax rate, discount, category, customer, barcode symbology, Site Name, Receipt Header/Footer.
  • Reports
    • Daily Sales
    • monthly Sales
    • Custom Sales Report
    • Top Products
    • Custom Product Report